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British Superbikes, Cadwell Park 18 August 2018

I'll be preparing a couple of desktop wallpapers from this meeting when I've got time but for now heres a few images from Saturdays qualifying sessions at Cadwell Park.

Jake Dixon, RAF Regular and Reserves Kawasaki

Andrew Irwin, Be Wiser Ducati

Peter Hickman, Smiths Racing BMW

Jason O'Halloran, Honda Racing


Formula Vintage, Cadwell Park 22 July 2018

vintage car race start

Well attended with plenty of strange and unfamiliar (to me) cars, round 3 of the Vintage Sports-Car Clubs "Formula Vintage" event at Cadwell Park made a refreshing change from the modern stuff.

This is how to make an entrance…..

1925 Bugatti T35B
Chris Hudson, 1925 Bugatti T35B

1939 Talbot Lago T120
Max Sowerby, 1939 Talbot Lago T120

1957 4200cc Kurtis Indy-Roadster
1957 4200cc Kurtis Indy-Roadster

GN Thunderbug
Mark Walker's absolutely brilliant GN Thunderbug. Theres a great piece about Mark and Thunderbug over at Classic and Performance Car

GN Thunderbug
Sideways action from the Thunderbug in the Frazer Nash / GN race

Vintage trials
Old school motorcycle trials in the woods

1929 Morgan Super Aero
Sue Darbyshire, 1929 Morgan Super Aero

1937 MG Bellevue Special
Tom Hardman, 1937 MG Bellevue Special

1929 Riley Brooklands
Ian Standing, 1929 Riley Brooklands


Auto 66 at a Cold Wet Cadwell Park 1 and 2 April 2018

My first visit of the year to Cadwell Park was a bitter disappointment due to the weather. I decided to go on the Sunday of the two day Auto 66 Club event and driving in torrential rain I tried to convince myself that I could see the weather breaking up in the distance. However conditions were the same at the circuit and signs at the entrance asked spectators not to park on the grass - fair enough but where then? The first hour was spent in the car as the weather was foul and track activities were suspended. It's a credit to the staff and marshals that the full programme of racing resumed after the track had been cleared of standing water and the rain had subsided. However the weather was so bad on day 2 that Mondays event was cancelled.

A very wet Cadwell Park

I spent the first hour or so in the car, listening to the radio and admiring the scenery.

Paul Marley, Kawasaki

Paul Marley, Kawasaki

Mark Goodings, Kawasaki

Mark Goodings, Kawasaki

Lee Harpham 125 TM

The superkarts were good fun through the Hall Bends, Lee Harpham 125 TM


British Superbikes, Cadwell Park 18-20th August 2017

A strange weekend where a number of riders had unexpected problems. Notably, Josh Brookes was unable to get a decent setup and had to settle for 12th and 7th places. Shane Byrne was never entirely happy with the feel of his Ducati and retired in Race 2 with a mechanical fault. Dan Linfoot was pushed onto the grass and had to ditch his Honda to avoid colliding with following riders but unfortunately hurt his fingers as he fell preventing him from taking part in Race 2.

Dan Linfoot on the grass

Linfoot finds himself on the wet grass

Dan Linfoot Laying Bike down

To avoid running across the track he lays the bike down and…


Moto Time Attack, Cadwell Park 16 July 2017

There was a sizeable crowd for the launch of Moto Time Attack, which is based on the successful format for cars where the winner is determined by the fastest lap time. The high attendance was undoubtedly boosted by good advertising in the local press, TV and radio, free entry and the heavily publicised attendance of Guy Martin. Not only was admission free but there was no charge for the event programme either. I'll let the MTA provide the details..

About Moto Time Attack [MTA]. MTA is a competition for riders to set the quickest lap on their machine in accordance with a class that is relevant to both rider and motorcycle. Classing is currently based on engine size and bike specification, as well as taking into account rider experience and speed. Bikes are run in timed sessions by class, with competitors on track together. The aim of MTA is to allow riders to participate in a series of timed sessions during the event, perfecting setup and times until the Final session when the lap times result in the final classification for the class podiums. MTA regulations are set together with the ACU to form specific and unique rules that only apply to MTA. MTA timing is handled by industry leaders, TSL.

Guy Martin pushing his Martek

I'd just arrived as Guy Martin coasted to a halt in front of me on the GSX - R1100 based Martek due to an ignition fault. Rather than take the recovery truck…

Guy Martin pushing Martek

with a little help he pushed it back, but the paddock entrance at the Mountain is a lot steeper than it looks.


Thundersport GB Championships. Cadwell Park 28 May 2017

cadwell park
Saturday was definitely the best choice, warm and sunny all day.

greg madero
Greg Madero, Kawasaki 650, celebrates after winning both Supertwin races.

johnny towers
Johnny Towers, Kawasaki 650 was runner up in both Supertwin races.

jason markham
Jason Markham survives a trip on the grass out of Coppice

Michael Neeves
Michael Neeves, BMW 1000

dave brook
Dave Brook, BMW 1000

lee williams
Lee Williams, Kawasaki 1000

Luke Macrea
Luke MacRea accelerating hard at the start of the Supersport race.

chris ganley
Chris Ganley, Yamaha 1000 - brave and inspirational I wouldn't have thought it possible.

Sportsman and Elite 600 riders
Sportsman and Elite 600 riders held at the chicane after red flag.

william white
William White, 600 Elite points leader


BARC National Championship Meeting. Cadwell Park 14th May 2017

legends rolling start
Legends rolling start

Robert King Legend 34 Ford Coupe
Robert King Legend 34 Ford Coupe

Paul Simmons Legend 34 Ford Coup
Paul Simmons Legend 34 Ford Coupe

Zac Hughes Legend Coupe
Zac Hughes Legend Coupe

Miles Rudman chased by Jack Parker
Miles Rudman chased by Jack Parker

John Mickel very closely followed by Jack Parker
John Mickel very closely followed by Jack Parker

legends crash recovery
First bend of the first lap..

Steve Harris, Saker RAPX S1-400
Steve Harris in the beautiful Saker RAPX S1-400 returns to the paddock

marshal replacing marker
A never ending job on Sunday

Steven rowland, VW Beetle
Steve Rowlands VW Beetle had some close attention during the race

matthew hollis, 2CV
The 2CV of Matthew Hollis also had some battle scars

Simon Sheridan returns to action after hitting tyre wall
Simon Sheridan returns to action after hitting the tyre wall

Jacob Carter, Ford Puma
Jacob Carter Ford Puma thro Hall Bends

Daniel Turner, smart car
Daniel Turner getting some fresh air in his smart car


MSVR Cadwell Park 23 April 2017

Another visit to Cadwell Park on Sunday the second day of the MSVR 2 day event. In nice bright sunny conditions it was surprising how few spectators had turned out although I suspect that Saturday was the busier day.

Ashley Dibden. Dallara F301
Ashley Dibden, winner in both Monoposto races. Dallara F301

Chris Hodgen. Dallara F304
Chris Hodgen, Monoposto runner up. Dallara F304

Start of the Toyo Tires Production BMW Race

Matthew Swaffer BMW 320
Matthew Swaffer, winner of both Toyo Tires BMW races. BMW 320

Ross Stoner BMW 320i
Ross Stoner. BMW 320i

BMW safety car
Safety car - Too Tires BMW race

Paul Laurie Toyota MR2 Mk1
Paul Laurie takes to the grass exiting Coppice. Toyota MR2 Mk1

peter higton MR2 Mk1
Peter Higton retires his MR2 after some unwanted attention between the Gooseneck and Mansfield.

Gareth Baxter rejoins the race in his MR2 Mk1
Gareth Baxter rejoins the race in his MR2 Mk1

MR2 race
Three abreast into Mansfield doesn't usually end happily but somehow they all managed it.

Doug Carter. Radical PR6
Doug Carter, easy winner of both MSVR All-Comer races. Radical PR6

Ian McDonald. Radical SR1
Ian McDonald. Radical SR1


Alan Healey Memorial Rally Cadwell Park 9th April 2017

Clear blue skies and sun all day long - with the possible exception of Angelsey I don't think theres a more scenic track in the UK. It was a well attended setting for the Alan Healey Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally, the final round of the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship. I'm not a regular rally goer so it made a pleasant change to try something a little different.

Andy Graham / Ian Owen, Ford Escort MK2 RS
First stop was the chicane between the Mountain and Mansfield. Decent shots were possible but glare on the windscreen obscured the driver and co-driver a little. Andy Graham / Ian Owen, Ford Escort MK2 RS

Chris West / Keith Hounslow, Peugeot 306 Maxi
On to the start I tried to capture wheelspin as the cars set off but couldn't quite get it right. Eventual overall winners Chris West / Keith Hounslow, Peugeot 306 Maxi

Stuart Ranby / Ian Bass, Ford Escort MKII
Theres always some good photographic opportunities along the Hall Bends. The cars travelling in the reverse direction were light over the crests adding a little interest. Stuart Ranby / Ian Bass, Ford Escort MKII

Chris Bellamy /  Ashlie Thorpe Honda Civic VTI
While at the Hall Bends I tried to get some shots of thro the cutouts and open windows as the cars passed. I liked this one the most although unfortunately theres no impression of speed. Chris Bellamy / Ashlie Thorpe Honda Civic VTI

David Tinn/ Giles Dykes, MEM Proton Satria Nero
3rd Overall David Tinn/ Giles Dykes, MEM Proton Satria Nero

This sharp turn caused problems for a number of cars

Chris Bellamy /  Ashlie Thorpe Honda Civic VTI
Catching up with a slower car this looked like it could end badly

Chris Bellamy /  Ashlie Thorpe Honda Civic VTI
…and it did, both cars out!


Auto 66 TT Warm up races Cadwell Park 19th March 2017

Cadwell Park was a chilly but dry setting for the Auto 66 Clubs first meeting of the year. Overcast for long periods and struggling for light particularly in the Hall Bends area I had to wind up the ISO setting higher than I like. Overall a good days racing and an opportunity for me to brush the dust off my camera for the coming season.

aaron staniforth Honda

Aaron Staniforth Honda CBR 1000

Tom Neave Kawasaki ZX6R

Tom Neave Kawasaki ZX6R

blackstock and rosney LCR Suzuki 600

Blackstock / Rosney LCR Suzuki 600

Lee Crawford Suzuki 600

Lee Crawford LCR Suzuki 600

Rikki Mcgovern Honda RVF400 vs Tom Saville Kawasaki ZXR400

Rikki Mcgovern Honda RVF400 vs Tom Saville Kawasaki ZXR400

Mark Goodings ZX10R

Mark Goodings Kawasaki ZX10R


British Superbikes Cadwell Park. 28 August 2016

Ducati Trioptions paddock

August Bank Holiday and another round of British Superbikes at Cadwell Park, my local track. It's my favourite race series and track let down only by the scramble to escape the car park at the end of the day. It wasn't too bad this year I managed the 50 yards or so in a little over half an hour.

Michael Laverty BMW
Michael Laverty, Tyco BMW during practice.

Christian Iddon BMW crash
Lavertys teammate Christian Iddon crashed out in Q2 - the start of a disastrous weekend for him. He also crashed in both races.

Christian Iddon BMW crash
Iddon, shaken but uninjured gets to his feet on the infield……

Marshalls pick up Christian Iddons BMW
….. the bike slid outfield picking up lots of turf on its way

Jason O'Halloran and Jenny Tinmouth
Jason O'Halloran who grabbed a third and a second with Jenny Tinmouth in the trade area

Monster energy drink girls
The Monster energy drink stand was …

Monster energy drink girl
…as popular as ever

Leon Haslam and James Ellison
Leon Hallam, who set the fastest ever lap of Cadwell to claim pole, James Ellison…

John Hopkins
and John Hopkins amongst others signed an awful lot of autographs


Classic Racing Motorcycle Club. Cadwell Park 5 June 2016

bellaby & Gristwood

Mike Bellaby & Dave Gristwood. BMW D&D

veeco sidecar

Interesting style

Stephen Stevenson & Jono Borrington

Stephen Stevenson & Jono Borrington. Breadstick BSA 750

Vince Biggs & Vicky Cooke

Vince Biggs & Vicky Cooke. Busch BMW 980

Richard Molnar

Richard Molnar. Molnar Manx

hart yamaha

Antony Hart. Yamaha


Alan Healy Memorial Rally Cadwell Park 10th April 2016

This was an event I wanted to see last year but for some reason that I can't remember I never got around to it. It was a nice bright day but the cold light wind cut through you on the more exposed parts of the circuit - a good incentive to keep walking around the circuit! A good days action if not a little odd to see cars negotiating the circuit in the opposite direction.

Darrian T90GTR+

Ashley Fields in his impressive Darrian T90GTR+ before….

Darrian T90GTR+

…..his eventual retirement later in the day.

Steve Quigley

Steve Quigley on on three wheels through the paddock in his 2 litre Renault Clio.

Stuart Ranby  Mk2 Escort

Not to be outdone Stuart Ranby in his Mk2 Escort out on the circuit.

David Tinn Proton Satria S2500

Event winner David Tinn - Proton Satria S2500

Mike English Ford Escort Mk2 RS

Mike English - Ford Escort Mk2 RS

Dave Welch Talbot Sunbeam

Dave Welch - Talbot Sunbeam


No Limits Racing. Cadwell Park. 9 August 2015

Cadwell Park

I arrived early Sunday morning and was surprised to find that the event programmes had sold out on Saturday, which presumably reflected a good turnout for the previous days racing which included an endurance race. I tried to download a timetable on my phone unsuccessfully – Vodafone data connectivity at Cadwell Park often seems hit and miss and really should be better. Fortunately revised Sunday timetables were available at the paddock shop/office. I watching much of the mornings practice at the Mountain, a number of riders clearly enjoyed this section, and I thought the Neave twins (pre injector 600 class) in particular tackled this section in some style. However one or two riders should count themselves lucky! The racing didn’t disappoint and was generally competitive but clean throughout the classes. A good day but not having a programme was a real pain for me and many of the following photos are caption-less, if anyone can help here I’d be grateful.


Tom Neave

Tom Neave (top) coming out of Coppice.

Tom Neave

and after the race.

racing motorcycle crash

Too much brake approaching the mountain section

BMW wheelie

Yamaha motorcycle

TSGP Yamaha

TSGP Yamaha TZ350 - Paul Fyson

Kawasaki ZX10


Cadwell Park International Classic 25 July 2015

For this event I decided to take my Canon 40D DSLR with Tamron 18-200 mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD lens ideal for both on track action and paddock shots. I bought this lens with my Canon 20D many years ago on recommendation and was instantly disappointed - I thought it was the worst purchase I had ever made. Images often had a “muddy” look, weren’t as sharp as they should be and the auto focus was unreliable. Consequently I rarely used it. However I’ve recently been using it on the 40D and to my surprise it’s a completely different lens on this body! Obviously it’s not as sharp as my favourite Canon 70-200mm L but its perfectly acceptable and overall, gives good results.
Anyway, the meeting was one of the best planned and most enjoyable events I've been to for a long time. Besides the track action there was a display area in the paddock with variety of club displays, collections and a stage. So much was going on it was difficult to get around without being distracted. A programme was a must and even this impressed - nice design, a good read and well worth a fiver.

gold star owners club stand

First stop was the Gold Star Owners Club immaculately restored bikes and lots of chrome, a nightmare to photograph close up on a sunny day!

Honda RC45

Further on there was a nice line up of RC45s, Honda's iconic 1990s superbike.

Honda RC30

I stopped quite a while for a chat at Road & Race Classics who specialise in the sales, repair and restoration of classic road and race motorcycles. The two bikes that caught my eye were a Honda RVF 750 RC45 and a Honda VFR750R RC30 (a French Bol D'Or import). Both great bikes but I love the classic paintwork of the RC30, if I had a spare £17000 I'd have it! You can find more bikes and details at Road & Race Classics.

Peter Williams

On to the stage where Steve Plater interviewed Peter Williams - a brief but interesting history of his time as a rider and engineer with some amusing anecdotes.

Read and Agostini

James Hayden had his work cut out but did a good job interviewing Phil Read and Giacomo Agostini. Plenty of banter and a some good laughs - Ago came across as very funny and charismatic.

MV4 Phil Read

Wandering around the display area a little later I came across Phil Read firing up the MV Agusta 4 cylinder on his way to one of the parades.

John player norton

Here he is earlier in the paddock after returning the John Player Norton. Peter Williams in the background.

Agostini MV3

This is a photo I never thought I would take - the legendary Giacomo Agostini on the MV Agusta 3 cylinder going through Hall Bends……..

Honda six

and this was a bike I never thought I'd see or hear in action, the fantastic sounding Honda 6 ridden by John Cronshaw.

All in all a great success, rare and exotic bikes with past and present stars seemingly around every corner. Johnathon Palmer should be rightly proud of the event that he and the staff have organised. My only regret is that I didn't attend both days.


HSCC Wolds Trophy Cadwell Park, 28 June 2015

I could only attend the second day of the Historics Sports Car Club meeting at Cadwell Park but the event apparently attracted good crowds on both days. Sunday started off overcast and damp ending in bright sunshine but the early conditions did nothing to spoil the racing.
The following photographs include cars which for one reason or another grabbed my attention, although my favourite was the fire breathing Mustang of Warren Briggs.

TVR Tuscan

Peter Shaw in the 1969 TVR Tuscan leads off the start line followed by the fast starting Charles Barter (Datsun 240Z), Jim Dean (Lotus Europa) and Julian Barter (TVR 3000M) in the HSCC 70's Road Sports Race.

HSCC 70's Road Sports Race

The sprint for second continued into Coppice three abreast which can end in tears but on this occasion all got safely round.

Dean Forward, Techno TF3

Dean Forward, Techno TF3

David Innes, Lotus 27

David Innes, Lotus 27 at Hall Bends

Warren Briggs Ford Mustang

Warren Briggs chasing the Ford Lotus Cortinas in his spectacular 4700 cc Ford Mustang

1975 TOJ Modus

Mark Hulme in the beautiful 1975 TOJ Modus

Ian Jones Lotus 59

Ian Jones (Lotus 59) chased very hard into the Mountain by Ben Simms (Elfin 600)

Stuart Dix Cooper Chinook

Stuart Dix in the striking Cooper Chinook


British Superbikes Qualifying 24 August 2014

Conditions were surprisingly good given the weather forecast with some good warm sunny spells which would ultimately be in direct contrast to raceday.
The qualifying session saw Shane "Shakey" Byrne smashed the Cadwell Park lap record on his way to claiming pole position by nearly a full second in front of Ryuichi Kiyonari, Buildbase BMW, with Tommy Bridewell completeing the top three positions.

kiyonari Buildbase BMW

Ryuichi Kiyonari, Buildbase BMW

josh brookes milwaukee yamaha

Josh Brookes Milwaukee Yamaha failed to set a time in final qualifying.

scott smart kawasaki

Scott Smart, Anvil Hire Kawasaki.

triumph triple philip atkinson

Philip Atkinson was badly shaken but unhurt during the Triumph Triple Challenge race.


Auto 66 Cadwell Park 18 May 2014

Already May and this was my first meeting of the year! I was initially confused as the timetable didn't tie in with the program and I only found out later that there was a delay due to some marshals arriving late. There was also some hope that competitors may have been able to make it from the North West 200 but unfortunately they didn't make it due to ferry problems.
There was a huge grid of Superkarts which as ever were highly entertaining and really fast. Unfortunately the numbers in the bike races were much smaller. Despite this there were some excellent performances with both Mark Ess and Craig Neve in dominant form and I was impressed by Matthew Rangeley on his Aprilia RRV450.

matthew rangeley

Matthew Rangeley - Aprilia RRV450

craig neve

Craig Neve - Honda CBR 600

mark ess

Mark Ess - Yamaha OW01

gavin bennet DEA Anderson

Gavin Bennet - DEA Anderson

mark goodings Kawasaki ZX6 600

Mark Goodings - Kawasaki ZX6 600

mick goodings Kawasaki ZX6 600

Mick Goodings - Kawasaki ZX6 600


British Historic Racing VMCC Cadwell Park September 2013

Another trip to my local circuit on Sunday and I was surprised how many had turned out, probably due in part to the unseasonally sunny and fairly warm weather.
I’m not familiar with the various classes held by the VMCC but besides the usual Triumphs, Nortons, Velocettes and BSAs there were plenty of other interesting and unusual motorcycles (to me at any rate!). It was great to see (and hear) many of them being raced hard. The sidecar races which included some Morgans as ever featured some Read More...