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Alan Healy Memorial Rally Cadwell Park 10th April 2016

This was an event I wanted to see last year but for some reason that I can't remember I never got around to it. It was a nice bright day but the cold light wind cut through you on the more exposed parts of the circuit - a good incentive to keep walking around the circuit! A good days action if not a little odd to see cars negotiating the circuit in the opposite direction.

Darrian T90GTR+

Ashley Fields in his impressive Darrian T90GTR+ before….

Darrian T90GTR+

…..his eventual retirement later in the day.

Steve Quigley

Steve Quigley on on three wheels through the paddock in his 2 litre Renault Clio.

Stuart Ranby  Mk2 Escort

Not to be outdone Stuart Ranby in his Mk2 Escort out on the circuit.

David Tinn Proton Satria S2500

Event winner David Tinn - Proton Satria S2500

Mike English Ford Escort Mk2 RS

Mike English - Ford Escort Mk2 RS

Dave Welch Talbot Sunbeam

Dave Welch - Talbot Sunbeam


Sywell Classic 26-27 September 2015

A little bit of something for every one really at the Sywell Classic. I started off touring the club displays, stopping for a chat with a couple of friendly and enthusiastic members at the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club stand (VJMC) – I think they might have talked me into joining. This Kawasaki Z1000 with bling was in their display.

Kawasaki Z1000

I was a little disappointed that bike clubs were relatively far and few between as I picked my way through the various car clubs. However there were some interesting motors, past and present.


Nice car, awful colour.


When cars had style!

Aluminium caravan

Caravans aren’t my thing but this early (American?) aluminium caravan caught my eye – interesting but somehow looks far from practical.

I was late getting to the drag strip and the noise and tyre smoke drew a good crowd very quickly so I was unable to get a good viewing position. Still what I did see was entertaining enough and there was a good mix of cars.


Corvette spinning up

Custom car

Stunning attention to detail.

Honda RC30

There were some nice machines in the bike paddock, my favorite was this beautifully turned out RC30. There were also some famous faces…

Phil Read

Phil Read in reflective pose.

Paul Chenard

Whilst in the paddock I had an interesting conversation with artist and writer Paul Chenard who was sketching a Maico racing bike. Paul specialises in motorsports artwork in a variety of media and even took time to show me some of his work. You can find out more about him on his Facebook page.


British Superbikes. Cadwell Park 22 - 23 August 2015

Phew what a scorcher, hotter than the MotoGP in Barcelona! As I was driving to the circuit the local radio station reported that someone at Cadwell had texted that it was "foggy as owt here" but by the time we got there it had broken up, the weather only deteriorating for the final race (Motostars) on Sunday.
For the British Superbike free practice session I positioned myself across from the pitlane exit to get a good look at the bikes….

Tommy Bridewell

Tommy Bridewell flashes past his pitboard.


John Hopkins leaves the pitlane on the Ducati Panigale.

Linfoot walking

Dan Linfoot walking back to the pits after his bike let go on the straight……

Linfoot marshalls

unfortunately leaving a trail of fluids along the straight causing the session to be red flagged….

Clean up

and for the marshalls to clean up in the sweltering conditions.

Josh Brookes

Double race winner Josh Brookes at Hall Bends.

Away from superbikes, the Ducati Trioptions Cup race was a good close race but an incident at Charlies led to a stoppage.

Dave Ferns Ducati

After the restart Dave Ferns flashed by on the grass coming out of Coppice - it looked like he had it under control but got pitched off….

Dave Ferns Ducati

bike and rider ending up on the track….

Dave Ferns Ducati

Ferns very quickly got to his feet, back onto the grass where he waved riders to slow down…..

Dave Ferns Ducati

then unaided, picked up his bike and moved it out of the way - quick decisive thinking!

And finally for a change of subject….

Monster fire eater

at the Monster Energy stand - free drinks and a fire-eater!


No Limits Racing. Cadwell Park. 9 August 2015

Cadwell Park

I arrived early Sunday morning and was surprised to find that the event programmes had sold out on Saturday, which presumably reflected a good turnout for the previous days racing which included an endurance race. I tried to download a timetable on my phone unsuccessfully – Vodafone data connectivity at Cadwell Park often seems hit and miss and really should be better. Fortunately revised Sunday timetables were available at the paddock shop/office. I watching much of the mornings practice at the Mountain, a number of riders clearly enjoyed this section, and I thought the Neave twins (pre injector 600 class) in particular tackled this section in some style. However one or two riders should count themselves lucky! The racing didn’t disappoint and was generally competitive but clean throughout the classes. A good day but not having a programme was a real pain for me and many of the following photos are caption-less, if anyone can help here I’d be grateful.


Tom Neave

Tom Neave (top) coming out of Coppice.

Tom Neave

and after the race.


Too much brake approaching the mountain section



TSGP Yamaha

TSGP Yamaha TZ350 - Paul Fyson

Kawasaki ZX10

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